5 Less Obvious Reasons Why Your Roomate(s) Hates You

Talking about awkward rooming situations usually gives us a good laugh later in life, but have you ever wondered if you're the star of someone else's roast? Here are a few less obvious reasons why you're despised in the dorm.

1. Get Up For God's Sake

Get Up For God's Sake

It's acceptable for your alarm to momentarily wake the other person in the room. What isn't acceptable is setting the clock for 2:30 AM and hitting snooze until 5 PM.

2. Do Your Dishes. Please.

Do Your Dishes. Please.

Having a glass or plate in the sink overnight is one thing. A pile up is another, especially if you're sharing a kitchen sink with 3 or 4 people.

3. In Fact, Clean Up After Yourself

In Fact, Clean Up After Yourself

If you're expecting those around you to be your parents and pick up your dirty laundry, then expect them not to be around you for very much longer...

4. The Supply Snatcher

The Supply Snatcher

...and they're probably tired of buying things for themselves (you). Ever hear of asking?

5. Over or Under

Over or Under

The great debate can never happen if you keep forgetting to put toilet paper in the bathroom, leaving someone helplessly stranded. Don't be a butt. Put some TP in there, even if it is the wrong way, which is obviously...

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