"The Fade" May Be The Biggest Style Trend For Men In 2017

The fade is the newest style to take the world by storm in 2017. Men have been rocking this age old style for decades, but it has gotten an upgrade recently, and it sure to be the go-to look for 2017.

Men's Health Fashion Editor, Dan Michel, broke down his predictions for "The Fade" this year, and why all the celebs will be rocking this style in the coming year. It's a fully functional and stylish look that is sure to make any guy look his best. Check out the reasons below!

YouBuzz: What celebrities are leading the trend and rocking "The Fade"?

Dan Michel: I think Brad Pitt wears it really well. He wears it as a sort of undercut, so that's creating a high contrast between the short sides and back, and the longer front. His is considerably longer, which creates that high contrast upfront. Also, young guys are wearing it really well, too. Zayn Malik wears it really well. The hair on top is shorter, but it's styled into a not quite spiky, but a sort of done up kind of way. It also works really well because he has darker hair, and up against his skin it creates that contrast. It's finally kind of hit American men that this haircut is cool, and they can even pull it off themselves.

YouBuzz: Do you feel like it's an older trend that's being re-emerged?

Dan Michel: Yes, it's not a new style at all. The Fade was definitely around back then, but it's having a revival now. It has graduated to a really classic cut. It's edgy, but it's still really clean. It's not like wearing a top knot or long hair, you're cutting your hair pretty short. Any time you are doing that, you are going to have the clean cut look, but it's how you do it that defines how edgy your look is. 

YouBuzz: What tips do you have for men trying to wear this style?

Dan Michel: Keep in mind your work and where you go out? I think it's really easy to look at a celebrity and say, "I want to look that cool," but you have to keep in mind everything from your skin tone to your hair tone, to your hair growth pattern. If you're a finance guy, you can still totally rock a fade haircut, but I think it's important to match it to your personality. I think hair color should be a deciding factor as well. If you have lighter hair, you can cut more away without creating such a stark contrast. Now if you have jet black hair, when you go to a thin fade, that is going to magnify, because people can see every black hair. So you might consider starting with a one or a two, and then cutting away more as you go on. 

YouBuzz: Why do you think men enjoy this hairstyle so much?

Dan Michel: Because it's really low maintenance. Once you do it, you can go three or four weeks without having to get another full cut. You can always go and touch it up. I think that's something that guys don't always realize. You can go to any barber or hair stylist and say that I just need to be cleaned up in the back. Even if that's not on their menu of items, you can still do it, and it's going to be cheaper than getting a full haircut. 

Featured Image: Carlos Lorenzo

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