Female Sexual Dysfunction Is Real And Can Be Helped

Female sexual dysfunction is not a joke, and many women are scared of getting treatment or talking about it.

Fall is here, however, one thing that too often falls to the wayside regardless of the longer nights, is a healthy sex life. Don't think of it as  just sex. Many people are not aware, but it is true that your sex life is important to your overall health. According to a new survey of 2,501 U.S. women age 21-50, the majority say they aren’t happy with theirs. 

Despite how important a healthy sex life is to your overall well-being, many women deal with sexual difficulties at some point in their lives, and survey results show that 93% of women questioned admitted that low libido impacts their lives and puts a strain on their relationships. If this is you, you may not be the only one having these issues.

 Trouble with desiring, having sex or enjoying it is sometimes called female sexual dysfunction (FSD).  It can be life-long or can develop over time. Sadly, many women feel uncomfortable talking about their lack of sexual desire and as a result go undiagnosed/treated. Ladies, we need to open the walls of communication and start talking about what we want. As it turns out, communication may not be the only issue. Of the women surveyed, only 14% even know that treatment exists. 

Leah Millheiser, MD, Clinical Assistant Professor, Obstetrics & Gynecology, Stanford, has a lot of information to share on the topic of female sexual dysfunction and its most common form (HSDD), related symptoms and what women need to know to take control of their sexual health. Don't be afraid to.

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