Josh Williamson Wins TV Sports Events: K. Plante is Complete - FSU Students Earn Shot at Winter Olympics, Bobsleding

Two top FSU competitors qualify to try out for the USA Team [Olympics]. Coach Brian Shimer keeps an eye on both Kyle and Josh, in his own way. Bobsledding championships is the next step for these two FSU students.

Josh Williamson

Josh Williamson

New Winter Olympics Hopeful, Josh Williamson, admires his journey to compete for the "pusher" position on the US Bobsled team [USA]. Josh is forced to look back while being interviewed by his own college/university - Florida State University, and Kyle Plante goes with the package?

"This happened all way faster than I expected." - FSU News

According to sources, Josh is not too keen on his last couple of months while anticipating his journey to qualify as one the best 12-athletes whom are eligible to compete on the USA Bobsled National Team. Repeatedly, FSU News quotes his elated responses of amazement. However, Josh Williamson's fans are ready for his next step.

Over the past years of practice and endurance training, his exercises related to lifting weights, while additionally making huge accomplishments (i.e., winning the underhand shot-toss and 45-meter Sprint competitions during the summer, 2017). Surprisingly, Josh Williamson's accomplishments are not unknown to his fans. Fortunately, Josh is a Florida-born native with much heart. In addition to being under 24-years old, this particular athlete mentions blending in with athletic programs that are specifically designed to build player speed and efficiency. Lacrosse, during his high school junior year, and later moving into FSU to practice exercising in the weight-room helped coaches admire his idols (Bobsledders Lou Moreira and two-time Olympic medalist Steve Langton).

Kyle Plante

Kyle Plante

Now, USA Bobsled coach Brian Shimer, who is a five-time Olympian, defends his liking to Josh being on the 'pusher' side of those bobsledder duties... "Very seldom do we get an athlete of that quality at that age..." Josh Williamson is 20-years old and Shimer wants his power, speed, strength and push to be applied to bobsledding.

According to source, Kyle Plante, 23-years old, was selected with Williamson to attend the meet, following their participation in the exhibition of "Scouting Camp: The Next Olympic Hopeful," which is a nationally-televised talent search for allocating winning athletes that are lost in the will of society (looking for skills, talent and motivation to excel at a variety of sports). Conversely, Plante is a native New York personality who came in running the 400-meter, 40-meter hurdles and challenging as a heptathlete in 'track and field.'

" A lot of track and field athletes seemed to transition into bobsled," according to Plante. After numerous interviews, most enthusiasts are convinced that Kyle Plante is one of the most powerful to be tested to earn a spot on the 2018 USA Winter Olympic Bobsled Team.

Kyle Plante

Kyle Plante

Colonie's Kyle Plante wins the Division I race on Saturday, June 9, 2012, at the state track and field championships at Cicero-North Syracuse High School. Adrian Kraus/Special to the Times Union

Scouting Camp: Next Olympic Hopeful | Kyle Plante | Women's Bobsled Winner (Courtesy of Team USA)


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