Close Talker EP 'Lens' - Third Album Due for Release 12th May 2017 via Nevado Music

Third album due for release 12th May 2017 via Nevado Music

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Lens Follows up 2014’s Previous Record Flux, which is Streaming in Full on NPR Music

After the loss of one member, Close Talker open up to create the perfect trio of their genre. Minus one bass player, Will, Chris, and Matt let loose on the synth, drum pad, organ pedal for that humble base line that made Close Talker famous. According to past interviews, their specific focus is to make each album unique until the crowds sellout!

Close Talker appeared on 'Seinfeild'and continues to perform indie rock music that originated from western Canada - Saskatchewan - with members Will Quiring (Vox), Matt Kopperud (Guitar) and Chris Morien (Drums).

'Lens' EP Set to Release

Close Talker are set to release their third studio album in May called Lens, followed by a string of shows including The Sebright Arms in London.

This is the new single called "Waking Up"

Lens  Follows up 2014’s Previous Record Flux, which is Streaming in Full on NPR Music

 “Close Talker's members are clearly fascinated with the way people push each other away, but their music never stops inviting you further and further in.”

Sounds Like - Local Natives, Bombay Bicycle Club, Deerhunter

Very smooth, Canadian Indie/Shoegaze

Album (LensRelease Date – Friday 12th May 2017

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Waking Up by CloseTalker

EU Tour Dates

May 21 - London UK - Sofar Sounds

May 22 - London UK - Sebright Arms

May 23 - Mainz DE - Schon Schoen

May 24 - Stuttgart DE - Cafe Galao

May 25 - Munster DE - Rotel Lola

May 26 - Wetzlar DE - Kulturzentrum Franzis

May 31 - Berlin DE - Privatclub

June 1 - Rotterdam NL - V11

June 2 - Zwolle NL - Hedon

June 3 - Hulst NL - Vestrock Festival

June 7 - Basel CH - Le Parterre

June 8 - Cologne DE - Stereo Wonderland

June 9 - Paris FR - Le Pop-Up du Label 

June 10 - Hamburg DE - About Songs Festival @ Knust

Close Talker – "Waking Up"

Close Talker – "Waking Up"

Album (LensRelease Date – Friday 12th May 2017

Contact Information

Destination: Canada

Performers: Will Quiring (Vox), Matt Kopperud (Guitar) and Chris Morien (Drums) 

Website: Close Talker

Facebook: Close Talker Band

Twitter: Close Talker Band



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