The Top 4 Radiohead Songs of This Millennium

Although the iconic British band has churned out hits for over 25 years, some of their most critically-acclaimed as well as experimental work came after Y2K. In honor of their latest release, let's take a look back at their top 4 songs of this millennium

"Pyramid Song" Amnesiac

Considered by many to be a collection of B-sides that didn't make the cut on their previously-released, groundbreaking album, Kid A, with time, audiences and critics alike concluded that Radiohead's  follow-up, Amnesiac, was a welcome addition to their growing discography. Amnesiac, which was released only 8 months after Kid A, in June 2001, is a quieter, stripped down version of its predecessor. 

No other track illustrates this than "Pyramid Song". Coming at just under 5 minutes in length, Thom Yorke's crooning is atmospheric and haunting. Alongside a buffeting piano and ethereal chords,  Yorke bemoans the afterlife with lines such as Jumped in the river what did I see?/ Black-eyed angels swam with me. 

This song has become a fan favorite over the years, and continues to reveal itself as a vulnerable work of art. 

Hear It for Yourself!

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