Lady Gaga's New Era!

Analysis of Gaga's fifth studio album era.

In an interview with Elle magazine, Gaga admitted that ArtPop was primarily made by coming up with great beats rather than lyrics. Gaga faced constant pressure to produce a smash after another that she was no longer able to write as creatively and freely as she desired. During the last 3 years, Gaga needed to reconsider her career choices and pave a new path for herself in order to heal and find the tools to reintroduce herself as a vocalist, and she is doing so through the following stages:

1. Conceive

Although Gaga did not release any new solo music since 2013’s ArtPop, we watched her evolve into a Jazz singer, steal the 2015 and 2016 Oscars, belt out a powerful rendition of the national anthem at the Super Bowl, and pay tribute to David Bowie. Through it all, many realized one thing: Gaga can sing!

Those who didn’t know Mother Monster well never paid attention to her ability to sing beautifully and hit high notes, and this very fact is the drive behind her pursuit of an autobiographical and organic album. But to capture the essence of someone’s life through music isn’t easy, unless you think of Amy Winehouse’s ‘Back to Black’ , which was produced by non other than Mark Ronson himself.

Gaga has mentioned several collaborations on LG5 with artists like Florence Welch, Beck, and Father John Misty. All three artists are known for their organic music and powerful vocals. However,  remember that Perfect Illusion does not sound anything like Ronson's previous work, let alone anything on the radio; and if that's any indication, it's that Gaga is using the talents of these artists to cater to her sound and musical legacy. This is a collaborative effort that has Gaga written all over it.

2. Birth

Little Monsters got to taste the first bite of LG5 with the release of Perfect Illusion, and although the song got ‘mostly’ positive reviews, one thing is for sure: Gaga is here to showcase her vocal prowess. Gaga’s vocals in ‘Perfect Illusion’ is the addictive element of the song; just listen to that key change in the end! 

With the release of LG5, Gaga’s yet-to-be-titled 5th studio album, people will get to witness the birth of a vocalist/musician, rather than the pop star that was expected to be at an avant-garde status with every breath taken. Mind you, LG5 is going to be a versatile album as per Gaga's words. However, I predict it will show the world a brand new side of Gaga. One that they will love.

3. Growth

It feels as if Gaga is reintroducing herself into this world as a singer first and foremost with LG5, once she is done with that, she can comfortably and freely make another Pop record, because then, she would have already proven herself as a vocalist to be reckoned with. Just imagine the same Gaga that we always knew, except she hit the refresh or reset button (depending on how you see it).

Gaga has mentioned that LG5 is not necessarily a 'stripped down' album, but a collection of autobiographical songs that carry their own sound and story. She's also indicated that just because she's dressed down, doesn't mean that she's trying to show the 'real' her. Instead, this is where she is at this moment, and this is where her growth starts to bloom into the artist she originally wanted to be: One whose voice is the commanding factor of their career, rather than the production, or dare I say, the Perfect Illusion.

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