The Hardest Part of Theme Park Work is Walking Through it

I have been working at this park for not quite a year and so far it’s been pretty interesting. There have been fun times. But one of the most difficult parts about working there is walking from place to place. Especially in uniform.

1. Walking Through the Park will be Difficult

Walking Through the Park will be Difficult

You have to weave through a crowd of people who will walk right into you while remaining polite. A lot of the guests will stop right in front of you suddenly. It's also almost impossible to avoid walking through the occasional photo.

2. You will find unattended strollers all over the place, with children in them.

At those points you don’t know if you should stay with the child for the inattentive parent. But after awhile you will get used to this too. 

3. Some Parents Turn Strollers into Battering Rams.

This is especially the case when the park is crowded and you’re just trying to walk somewhere and here comes this mother pushing an unsuspecting child at break-neck speeds.

4. People will also cut you when you wait in line for anything in uniform.

For some reason they do not see you as being there or as a person. I’m not sure which of the two it is.

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