5 Reasons Why "Bates Motel" Will Drive You Crazy But Keep You Watching (SPOILERS)

"Bates Motel" tells the life of Norma and Norman Bates. Yes, this is a weird mother and son name combination. They are the new residents of White Pine Bay, a relaxing and small coastal town. Starting over is Norma Bates hope with this new town. But, she

1. Norma Bates is a roller coaster of insanity.

Norma Bates is a roller coaster of insanity. www.tumblr.com

Norma, Norma, Norma.. why so PSYCHOTIC? Besides for constant mood swings and a strange obsession/addiction to her son Norman, she just can't seem to ever have her life together. I have yelled, "Norma you are an idiot," at least four times every episode. The show will give her an out, you think she will take it, and then she does the exact opposite. You will question every move she makes, because it is never the logical way to handle a situation. She will drive you up the wall with questions as to why someone would possibly be the way she is, but you come back to watch her fall on her face again. If you are wanting a bag of crazy mixed with some creepy Step ford housewife, Norma Bates is your girl. 

2. Norman Bate's black outs.

Norman Bate's black outs. wifflegif.com

If I was experiencing black outs that took me to a different state of mind where I started a killing rampage, I'd probably hit up a doctor, so you know... I stopped killing people. Maybe? Unless Norman feeds off the kill of an innocent bystander. Technically no one in White Pine Bay is innocent, but that doesn't mean they need a deranged, teenage boy out for their head. Norman hides his problem from the world because he wants to be a normal kid with normal problems. Sorry Norman, you're not normal. I want to watch the episode where you admit you have a problem, your mother agrees, and you finally do something about it. Seriously, go to a dang doctor before you kill again!

3. Emma can't win the guy.

Emma can't win the guy. www.pastemagazine.com

Poor Emma! I'm a sap for the lonely, misunderstood girl winning the heart of her love. Unfortunately, Emma decided to fall in love with the boy that catches eyes for everyone not good for him. She just wants to be accepted and held and kissed and trusted and loved. Why can't you see that Norman?! You continue to root on Emma in her attempt to stay in Norman's life; first getting a job at the Bates Motel, second winning over his mother (not an easy task), third pushing her nose into every bit of business he is involved in. Okay... Emma drives me a little nuts in that aspect. Like, girl you don't need to know everything. Regardless, she deserves a happy ending with her psychotic killer of a man, and they can have little Child's Play children to follow in their father's footsteps. 

4. Everyone in town is okay with being run by drug lords.

Everyone in town is okay with being run by drug lords. wifflegif.com

Personally I like to live a simple life where I can enjoy the weather with a nice walk, eat a fresh meal, meet up with close friends in town, and not have gun shoot outs in the middle of Main Street on a Tuesday afternoon. Do the people in town have no concern for men walking around town with huge guns and an urge to fight for their drug company? Yes White Pine Bay is only being held together with the income of the local families selling their kush, but maybe they shouldn't be okay with that. I get that every great shows needs a little drug use, cool battle scenes and danger. That is why I keep watching, But at this point the body count in White Pine has drastically risen to only keeping the main of the mains around. Give the smaller roles and little credit by not killing them all off.

5. Romero and Norma's awkward relationship.

Romero and Norma's awkward relationship. makeagif.com

Romero plays the tough cop role very well, but I see right through it. He has a kind heart and he slowly lets it see the light. He has a soft spot for Norma Bates even though she makes him want to eat a fistful of nails. Their relationship is like the bully who picks on the girl he likes. Except Norma is also the bully. So who will let go of their ego first to find love? I'm not sure Romero or Norma are willing to give up their title of top dog to make this relationship blossom into a beautiful, thorny rose. Let's be honest, that combination would come with more grief than happiness but to each their own. Let there be love and hate and more love!!!

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