10 (Inspi)Rational Quotes to live by

How many lovely 'Inspirational' quotes fill up your feed? Too many to count. I decided to turn these quotes into real-life words of wisdom.

You've been warned.

Most relevant for those over 35.

I know I'm not the only one who has a 'K.O. list'. Patiently waiting for the right moment is all.

Sometimes the truth hurts.

Before yoga there was bubble wrap. I'm old school.

Opportunity is no friend of mine.

Chill in your 40's! Really? Well I clearly missed this 'Inspirational meme' when I was 20!


You won't find me signing up for anything that has a hint of struggle, despair or anguish. I seem to only be ambushed by those situations.

'Pills save lives' -Dr.Seuss

Subliminal messages and memes will get you deleted and blocked...in real life. I haven't spoken to my grandmother in years.

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