10 reasons why Issa Rae in her HBO comedy series “Insecure” is every Millennial

Almost every Millennial goes through the same issues and stories in our life, just with different details.

1. #ConfusedasF@%k

 Like many of us, The series showcases Issa is navigating through the multifaceted issues that arise in her life. She realizes that she actually  may not have all the answers. So, no matter much we act/look/want you to believe we have everything figured out and we're successfully adulting, it’s the furthest thing from the truth in some cases. We’re actually losing our 20 something’s mind trying to figure life out and ourselves for that matter. Issa does this the whole season, as she navigates through.




2. #ConfidentasF@%k

Issa perfectly captures what most 20 somethings’ do  by themselves to build their confidence, so rather it’s a pep talks, a rap or a  poem, they are all odes from the person we are becoming the person we are right now. It’s our own personal  “I have a dream” speech that reassures our greatness and cancels out that annoying negative inner voice that says otherwise.


We all need a... 

3. #BestfriendasF@%k

Issa and Molly’sBestfriendship is literally what most of us spend most of our 20s trying to build and cultivate. That person who will be honest with you no matter what,laugh at your awkward jokes (and they actually find them funny), support you in your decisions, but also call you out on your BS if need be.



4. #FrienemysasF@%k

We've all had at least one in our life, that friend that actually isn't a friend at all ,  and loves nothing more than to tear you down or embarrass you. Well, We can all take pointers on how to handle these types with grace and shade from Issa.


Then this...

5. #FakeMarriedasF@%k

We’ve all had one, the starter relationship.  The one that feels like you’re Married with none of the perks of being married.  This happens a lot to 20 somethings’ because part of us wants to have the secure companionship that comes with a relationship but also enjoy the freedom and singleness while in our 20s, so we fake commit but still keep other options in mind. Other reasons why these relationships don’t always last or continue as planned is because the two involved begin to grow in different directions and want two different things in life. But, both parties are too comfortable to pull the plug.



It's ok to be...

6. #SelfishasF@%k

It’s that thingMellinials know about themselves but don’t want to acknowledge or broadcast.  Issa goes through what most of us deal with on a day to day basis, learning how to be okay with putting yourself first and not feeling bad about it. 20 somethings’ are selfish I 'll admit it. However, every 20something that has ever lived was selfish at some time in their life. So, that means it’s normal. 


7. #ConnectedasF@%k

Of all the characteristics that make  Millennials unique, their socially conscious mindset is one of their most defining. As the most ethnically and racially diverse, Millennials have learned to embrace the differences in one another – finding unity in the idea that no one is the same.  Everyone matters "WE GOT Y'ALL"!


But still,

8. #TalentedasF@%k

We all have that hidden talent or alter ego that's dying reveal itself to the world. The first step is getting out of our own way by letting go of the fear and just going for it. You got this!


As well as,

9. #SuccessfulasF@%k

That  stuck feeling that comes over us when we know what we want, but we haven’t accomplished those things yet. News Alert! Everyone that successful has been a “20something” in their life, so take a breathe and stop stressing so much. You are right on track and on the way to reaching your career goals and aspirations.  So, the next time that feeling comes over you just think about all you have accomplished thus far.


So, all things considered, you are definitely...

10. #WinningasF@%K


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