I’m Gone Let You Finish But The 90s Were The Best Decade Of All Time

As a 90s baby myself, thinking back to the spice girl lollipop stickers that covered my walls or the pre-lemonade Beyonce stage but original Destiny Child obsession, I can’t help but get nostalgic. While the clothes were crazier, music meant something mor

1. 3 words ..The Spice Girls

3 words ..The Spice Girls Google

“Tell me what you want, WHAT YOU REALLY REALLY WANT ! …” Well I’ll tell you , the SPICE GIRLS. The 90s gave us the Spice girls. For an English girl group to takeover the world, and inspire so many young people regardless of race, was definitely an iconic moment. We were all rooting for them to stick together, but the memories will spice up our lives forever.

2. 90's Clothing

90's Clothing Google

A time where clothes were carefree and fun. Colorful and creative, not showey, holey and overprized ( no shade Kanye). 90’s clothing kept it crazy, sexy and cool shoutout to TLC.

3. The HAIR

The HAIR Google

Before the over-processed, before the natural hair craze we had classic big, dramatic and ridiculous hair. A time where hairspray was our very best friend, and our outfit just wasn’t complete without at least 30 clips and beads.

4. The Games

The Games Google

Before we snapchatted our every move and posted our hourly updates on Twitter there were these little things the kids like to call “ Toys”. Firby’s and Gameboys were the original way of fun, looks like Steve Jobs has since changed that.

5. Macarena * cues music*

Macarena * cues music* Google

Now we may not remember the words, or even know what the song even means, but we most definitely remember this dance.

6. You’ve Got Mail – Dial Up Internet

You’ve Got Mail – Dial Up Internet Google

Now I know we all remember how annoying this was ? Choosing between the phone or internet, and waiting for slow dial-up access…maybe we don’t miss this one, but feels good to reminisce

7. Lunchables

Lunchables Google

Now to our parents this was probably the most unhealthy lunch choice , but to us this was an adequate meal. Well anything other than school lunch week old pizza.

8. Love songs <3

Love songs <3 Google

Not only is it the era where my future wedding song “Back At One” by Brian McKnight first released, but it was a time where Whitney, Lauryn, & Boyz II Men solidified love

9. The MUSIC

The MUSIC Google

You know when you talk 90’s music there really isn’t much to say. We had the classics, we had the icons. We had Micheal, we had Janet, we had Aaliyah, we had Lauryn, we had Whitney, we had Monica , we had Brandy, we had Usher….we had REAL MUSIC.

10. Television was worth watching

Television was worth watching Google

Whether it be the way Martin said “You go girl” , or the Angelicas “dumb babies”, everything about 90’s T.V was better. Shows had purpose and a message, from promoting college and HBCU’s like a different world or happy normal family lifestyles like Full House, television served more than a purpose of just entertainment. Living in a generation of Bad Girls Club and Love & HipHop, I pray for the future generations of T.V.

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