9 Best Sites Like Netflix - Best Alternatives

Sites like Netflix from other popular services for streaming television shows and movies. Check out these 9 Sites Like Netflix. Best Alternatives instead of Netflix.

Netflix.com is a website for watching movies and television episodes on the internet. They have been very popular with a monthly subscription service to their wide range of content. Netflix is setup with a streaming base where you can access it from computers, mobile devices, video game consoles, digital media players and Smart TVs. The great part about Netflix is that you will never come across any commercials while watching movies and shows. They also provide exclusive shows and movies like House of Cards and Orange is the New Black

As good as Netflix sounds it has recently gotten a bit expensive. The Netflix subscription went up recently and they got more charges if you want to add more devices or watch high quality movies and TV shows. On the downside Netflix only allows you watch movies and tv shows but you can't save it on your devices to watch it later. 

There are other sites like Netflix that are free or cost less. Some of the Netflix alternatives with cheaper or less expensive services are Hulu.com, YouTube.com or Crackle.com. The other sites like Netflix, such as Vudu.com, iTunes or Amazon Instant Video are bit more expensive, but on the upside they allow you save your movies and shows on your devices to watch later without a subscription. 

Lets break down the 9 Best Sites Like Netflix to choose from when your looking to turn away from Netflix. 

1. iTunes

First up is iTunes. If your a big fan of Apple products then iTunes might the best Netflix alternative for you. We all know iTunes has been big in the music distribution, but now they also carry movies and television shows in their entertainment section. You can rent, purchase or download movies from iTunes. You can also buy full season of television shows or just get the individual episodes. Before making any purchase you might have to download the iTunes software. Furthermore, purchasing movies and TV shows on iTunes can be expensive sometimes. 

Check out iTunes

2. Crackle

Crackle is also in the lineup of alternatives to Netflix. Crackle is known for being absolutely free. Simple sign up today and watch thousands of Moves and Tv Shows. Only one thing you need to keep in mind is that Crackle is owned by Sony and most of their content is exclusive from their partners. Since Crackle is free, you will come across ton of commercials in between movies and shows. Crackle keeps its database updated monthly so you will see movies and shows get replaced all the time. 

Check out Crackle

3. M-Go

M-Go is a newcomer to the line up of Netflix alternatives. The way M-Go works is you pay for renting or purchasing movies and TV shows. it is known for getting new shows and movies much faster then Netflix. M-Go even gets movies that are still playing in Theaters. Furthermore, you can pre order the movies that haven't even been released yet. The only downside to M-Go is that it's not available to everyone. 

Check out M-Go

4. Amazon Instant Video

Amazon Instant Video make shopping for movies and TV shows more exciting. You can rent or buy digital copy of any movie or TV Show and you can download it to your computer. Amazon has been around for a long time and weather you are using amazon for shopping or servers, it always gives you discounts when you bundle their services. Amazon Price subscription costs only $8.25 a month, which is little more then Netflix, but with Amazon Prime not only do you get a fast shopping experience but you also get the Amazon Instant Video for FREE! DO you shop or sell on Amazon? If so, then Amazon Instant Video is very good alternative for you instead of Netflix. 

Check out Amazon Instant Video

5. HBO Now

HBO Now is a great alternative to websites like Netflix. Created by Home Box Office, HBO started their service with the goal of getting rid of Cable TV Bills. HBO Now brings exclusive programs to its subscribers and plenty of movies to choose from. HBO Now provides this watching experience without the need of Cable television Channel for HBO. The only downside to HBO Now is that you can't watch live HBO feeds and you must be in United States. Everyone loves free stuff right? Well, if you have HBO on your cable TV package, then there is a free service called HBO Go that might interest you since its totally free!

Check out HBO Now

6. Vudu

Next up is Vudu, which is another Netflix competitor. Vudu is owned by Wal-Mart and only available to US residence. Vudu allows you to purchase TV shows and movies from their yet small selection. It allows you to purchase episodes individually or the whole season of the shows. The neat part about Vudu is that you may use a DVD or Blu-Ray Disced that was purchased from Wal-Mart or other participating stores to unlock the digital version on Vudu. You may also share your movies and TV shows that were purchased with friends and family who also have Vudu subscription. 

Check out Vudu

7. Hulu

Hulu is another great website like Netflix with limited movies, TV shows and preview for free until you decide to upgrade to Hulu Plus. Hulu Plus cost almost the same as Netflix at $8.25 a month which will give you access to their full library of movies, TV shows and even exclusives content that won't be found anywhere else. Hulu's main focus from the beginning has been TV shows, which can explain why they tend to get TV shows faster in their library then sites like Netflix. Hulu is available only in the United Sates and if you don't have Hulu Plus you will be seeing lot of commercials through out the TV shows. 

Check out Hulu

8. YouTube

Among the most popular services like Netflix is probably YouTube. Acquired by Google back in 2005 for 1.65 Billion US Dollars, YouTube has taken the Internet video streaming by the storm. Whether you want to watch video clips of Movies, TV Shows, Music Videos or any other category you can think of, just search it on YouTube. You can make playlist to organize your video clips, share it with friends and comment or like the video clips. This all sounds great but YouTube doesn't allow you to watch full Movies of course. In fact, YouTube can be really strict with copyright content being uploaded on their servers. You will also come across 15 second or 1 minute advertisement in between or before the videos. To avoid watching this advertisements and to unlock the full power of YouTube with Full Movies and TV shows you have to get the YouTube Red subscription. 

Check YouTube and YouTube Red

9. Google Play

Last but not least we have Google Play as an alternative to Netflix. Google Play is great for users who use Android devices. They have a large library of movies, TV shows and even free selection of episodes to watch. The way Google Play works is very similar to the other services and sites like Netflix we mentioned above. You have to purchase or rent the movies to stream them through Google Play. The downside to Google Play is the prices for new movies can be very high. But they always have an upside with providing movies in their library that are still in theaters. 

Check out Google Play

Which Would You Choose From This Sites Like Netflix?

Which Would You Choose From This Sites Like Netflix?

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