Response Post: Dear Mother This is Why I Wish You Marched for Me

Recently scrolling through Facebook an article was shared by family members, strangers, and friends called "Dear Daughter: This is Why I Didn't March for You". This post went to go on and explain how women should be grateful they were born in this country

Dear every mom who wants to believe an injustice has not been bestowed on your daughter for being a woman, 

We love you with all our hearts and we want to start off by saying thank you for all you have done for us. Encouraging us just when we're about to give up. Being on our sides when we thought we were alone.  We are so grateful that you have proven time and time again that a mom will always be your biggest supporter. For always accepting who we are and who we have become and the woman that we are transitioning into. Not everyone is as lucky as we are to have a strong and smart woman in their life. 

Recently, the election has put a divide in almost any relationship. For everything you said the most recent elected president threatened to do, you assured me he would not have the power to do so. You lied, because excuse my language, but he really screwed Sh*& up. Not only is he after an entire race, but he is after different religions, gender, classes, and anyone who he can't benefit from. I'm sorry mom. You were lied to. He is not an outsider, he doesn't care to fix things. He's a manipulator, it's what he does he manipulates people (please read this in the amazing Tina Fey's voice from the iconic scene in Mean Girls). I understand why you thought he could fix things. You taught me to see things from the other perspective to always be able to argue both sides. So, I understand that you see an outsider who promises to care about you, like so many other politicians before. Except here's the catch he's not a politician. He's a business man, who works with his children, who has invested in his children, just like you. You wanted to believe him. This election was "choosing the lesser of two evils". I understand that. I understand you felt betrayed by Hilary Clinton. She's a politician who has lied and has a less than spotless record. However, the 45th president isn't exactly the Pope either. 

Like, I have heard so many countless times before gun laws won't fix the gun violence issue. People will always find a way to get guns. Just like a billion dollar wall won't fix the immigration issue. Banning people isn't a way to solve international relations, especially those who are legally allowed to be here, while not having clean drinking water for Flint isn't exactly "making America great". 

As for the march, I understand why you didn't march either. Having freedom means you have the choice not to. However, I am still not convinced that I should shut up about the inequality. I am grateful to have been born in the United States and to the family that I was born into. Not only have you taught me to be considerate and kind, but also not to take it from anyone. To not settle for anything less than. 

According to the Republican mind set I have done everything "according to plan". I got straight A's in high school (okay.....I didn't do too hot in algebra), received two academic scholarships for college, and worked two part time jobs while in school and over summer breaks I took out student loans, because despite what you may think I am not a Kardashian sister and cannot pay for that out of pocket. I received two Bachelor degrees in majors that are usually held by men, and still can't get a job in my field and barely have enough money to not die while paying rent, student loan payments, and other bills. So, sorry that I am a little angry. Sorry if you think I am whining "millennial", but unfortunately the laws and government have not caught up to the progression of society or the economy.  Sorry, author of "Dear Daughter: Here's Why I Didn't March For You" but, there is real issue in regards to pay inequality. 

Mom, I know you don't want to believe it. I know, I don't either. But, I also can't ignore it. I can't ignore that I can't have health insurance now. I can't ignore that I can't afford to have it taken out of my paycheck, because I barely get paid over minimum wage (which is a livable wage if you don't have rent, like to eat food, or have to pay for transportation). I can't ignore that I can't say what happens to my body. 

If the God that the law makers worship says that it is a sin to have an abortion, than they shouldn't get one. I thought, that was the purpose of "separation of church and state". The beauty of having the freedom to the right of your body. If you don't believe in abortion or birth control than that is your own choice. I am glad you have established your own beliefs, but I am here to inform not everyone has to abide by these same ideologies. That is the beauty of our nation. Or at least it was.

The mother who didn't get an abortion, but also doesn't have the means or support from the child's father, is also the same mother that society will judge and deem unfit. She will be marked as  an example of those who are"taking from the government" rather than giving back to make "America great again". It's just one of the many double standards that women encounter every single day. 

So, the women who did march,  marched for everyone. You, me, your sisters, and anyone who felt "personally victimized by the current President of the United States" (Thank you Tina Fey for the unforgettable reference. Who knew Regina George could be compared to the man who is currently leading the United States). 

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