4 Marvel Characters That Deserve Their Own MCU Movie

For the past 8 years, the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU) has been entertaining us comic book fans, all the while demolishing its competition at the box office. As we enter Phase 3 of the MCU, here are some of the unsung heroes who need some attention.

4. Namor the Submariner

Namor the Submariner

We’ve met superheroes from every corner of the universe. From Asgard to African kingdoms, with upcoming movies that will open up the multi-verse and the hallways of high school. But what about the underwater city of Atlantis?

With Captain America: Civil War laying out the idea of international law of governing our superheroes, it would be interesting to see which side Atlantis would be on, especially since the king of the undersea world, Namor, initially despised surface dwellers when he was first introduced to the Marvel Comic Universe.

So this would be a stark contrast between Black Panther and Namor, which would make for some serious character development if they were to ever be put on screen together.